*** Attention Londoners Requiring Storage Long Term Storage ***

Save On Your Storage Costs AND Avoid Stress, Van Hire, Effort & Time

There are no hidden costs OR price hikes - just low storage rates that stay low!
Did you know that most Londoners pay at least DOUBLE for their storage rental, and that is before adding on the hidden costs!

London based storage companies have SKY HIGH property prices to contend with - and they need  to pass these costs on to YOU just to survive!

This puts most Londoners on the back foot when it comes to finding cheap storage.

Either pay the London price - traditional storage prices are evenly matched inside the M25 - or transport your storage out of town (the further you go the cheaper it gets)! This is time consuming, stressful and you have to do it all over again when you need your storage back.

Additionally, with self storage facilities you have to contend with:

  • Multiple trips to and from the storage facility taking time, effort and vehicle costs.
  • A long walk, often involving lifts, for you to manually put your stuff into storage.
  • Small print in the contracts that allows the prices to go up.
  • Overpriced insurance that you are obliged to take out.
  • Buying THEIR expensive locks so that your insurance is validated.

So, if your plans change and you need storage for longer than you planned, be prepared for escalating costs. It's no wonder that these companies need to offer heavily discounted introductory prices to win your business (knowing that the odds are stacked in their favour in the long run). 

Agnes Prygiel
1 review
21 May 2020
I highly recommend them

I highly recommend them. I feel it is the best service in London that takes the trouble off your shoulders. They offer transport and bring your storage container to your door. You fill it in with your stuff and they drive away with it to their monitored facility. I had to make a quick move because of Covid19 and I did a research among storage companies. With this one what is also good is a fixed price.

Rupert takes advantage of cheap storage while he temporarily moving out of his Stratford accommodation.

Introducing mobile self storage!
Finally, a way for Londoners to avoid high storage costs - which works even if you live outside the M25!

  • We drive to you, so there are no transport hassles, saving you time and a tonne of effort. We can even load the storage pod for you.
  • Your storage is in a secure ‘out of town’ warehouse in private grounds manned 24/7. The land is owned by us meaning that there are no crazy rents that we need to pass on to you.
  • Your storage is contained in a secured storage pod so you don’t need to buy an overpriced lock just to validate insurance, which we do not make compulsory!
  • The longer you need storage for the cheaper the weekly price gets, so you’ll never need to worry about escalating costs.
  • When you need your storage back, simpy get in touch, arrange a drop off date and the whole process works exactly the same in reverse.
How the process works...
You’ll only ever pay for the storage you need for the length of time that you need it.

The longer you store, the cheaper it gets. This goes against the grain as most storage companies offer an intro offer and then crank up the price in the hope / knowledge that most people need to extend their storage arrangements.

We drive to your door. If you store for over six months then we pick up and drop off for FREE. But in any case, there is no van hire, no fuel costs, saved time and less heavy lifting. So it’s win win for you.

Loading service is an option. You can load your storage into the storage pod in yourself. Or you can leave the heavy lifting to our two man loading team.

3 Simple Steps To Get Started
Step 1
Estimate the amount of storage you need by property size or transit van loads and instantly gauge your savings against the traditional storage companies.

Step 2
Speak to us about your storage needs to get honest advice and an accurate storage quote with no hidden charges.

Step 3 
Book your storage collection and only start paying fees AFTER the job has been completed.
Check how our prices compare inside M25...
We update this data every month after price checking against the traditional storage companies (prices below based on 6 month storage term).
These prices are based on the competition in and around Stratford based on 6 months of storage.
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All prices are 'per week' & are correct as of 01 June 2022




35 sq ft
E.g.: 1 bed flat 
£18.00 p/w
Prices locked in forever.
£56.10 p/w
After 4 week intro offer of £28.05
£48.49 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £24.25
£52.38 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £26.19
70 sq ft
E.g.: 2 bed flat / 1 bed house
£34.00 p/w
Prices locked in forever.
£96.30 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £48.15 (Based on 75 sq ft)
£67.49 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £33.75
£95.31 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £47.65 (Based on 75 sq ft)
105 sq ft
E.g.: 3 bed flat / 2 bed house
£50.00 p/w
Prices locked in forever.
£101.40 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £50.70 (Based on 100 sq ft)
£87.99 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £44.00
£133.38 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £66.69 (Based on 100 sq ft)
140 sq ft
E.g.: 3 bed house
£64.00 p/w
Prices locked in forever.
£175.20 p/w
After 4 week intro offer of £87.60 (Based on 150 sq ft)
£117.49 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £58.75
£190.38 p/w
After 8 week intro offer of £95.19 (Based on 150 sq ft)
Add the cost of van hire, fuel & time
Then be prepared for compulsory insurance, overpriced locks, packaging upsells etc...
Fixed Prices?
4 weeks’ notice of increases
20 weeks’ notice of increases
4 weeks’ notice of increases

* Note that free collection is available when choosing a storage plan with a minimum 6 month duration. For pay monthly we charge a transportation fee based on your location.

** Our prices are fixed forever at the rate you lock in at (e.g. if you lock in for a 3 month contract and renew for a further 3 month, you will keep your rate). If you do not renew a contract when we contact you, we simply place you on a rolling monthly contract.

*** When securing reduced rates for 3, 6 or 12 months, full payment is required up front. If you renew within your contract period, we honour the original quoted price.

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First Weeks Storage Is FREE On All Bookings Before 30 June 2022