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What Are the advantages of mobile self storage?

With mobile self storage you can dispense with the hassle of driving your possessions around, hiring a vehicle and even roping in friends and family into helping. And when you need your stuff dropped back off all those benefits are repeated on the reverse leg.

is mobile self storage cheaper?

YES ????????????

The cost of mobile self storage is significantly cheaper than traditional self storage even if you factor in the cost of us helping you to load the storage containers (if you need that service).

how do i prepare my items for storage?

For efficient loading, preparation and common sense is the key. Above all, make sure that your stuff is ready to be loaded when we arrive ???????????? ????
Fragile Items - pack these carefully. Use bubble wrap, pack things out with newspaper and in general, just make sure valuables are as protected as possible.
Use Boxes - Boxes stack well, and naturally maximise the use of space inside a container. Make sure the boxes are filled up where possible and secured (e.g. taped).
Flat Pack Where Possible - It goes without saying that flat packing is a vastly more efficient use of space. This is not always possible, and this is where our packing service can come in useful. We've done this hundreds of times before and know all the tricks. We do charge for the service, but it saves on time, can save on space and definitely ensures that things are packed as efficiently as possible.
Blankets & Sheets - Great for protecting furniture. Use them! 


This is hard to accurately predict. We provide estimates based on the number of rooms etc., but ultimately, it depends on two main factors:
1. How much stuff you have in each room and how it is (not all sofas are the same size if you follow our drift).
2. How well the storage containers are packed. It's been mentioned before, but generally speaking a professionally packed container will hold more of your possessions. We do offer this as a service, but it's totally up to you if you take us up on the offer.

where will the storage pod be parked?

We will get the storage pod as near to your property as possible.
The storage pod is either towed on a trailer, or we use a Luton sized van, so if you have access for a large car, we should be good.
If you live on a busy street, try and ensure that we have a spot reserved right outside your house.

do you provide a loading service and how much is it?

Yes we do ????????????

This service is popular as our two man team take care of all the heavy lifting and ensure that the storage pod is packed up efficiently.
We charge £96 loading fee per container.

can i access my storage pod while in storage?

Yes you can ????

By prior arrangement (generally 24 hours notice) you can drive to one of our secure storage depots and get access to your storage pod.

Just get in touch and we'll explain everything... 

are my possessions insured?

We are fully insured to transport your storage pod(s). However, it is your responsibility to insure your contents while they are in our possession.

If you need insurance, we are happy to point you in the right direction so that you have complete peace of mind.

Typically we can help provide cover at £2/month for every £1,000 of cover.   
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13 weeks @ £16.00/week £208.00
Then £21.00/week with no price hikes
4 weeks @ £16.15/week £64.60
9 weeks @ £32.31/week £290.79
Total £354.00
Save £146.00 with Secure Storage
4 weeks @ £17.25/week £69.00
9 weeks @ £34.49/week £310.41
Total £379.00
Save £171.00 with Secure Storage
4 weeks @ £22.35/week £89.40
9 weeks @ £44.70/week £402.30
Total £491.00
Save £283.00 with Secure Storage

Note: All competitor storage rates are based on locations nearest to Chelmsford and updated monthly.

All prices are "per week" & are correct as of 28, May 2024

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